Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the difference between home health and non-medical home care?

Home health refers to care which involves nursing or other medical treatment in the home, provided by certified or licensed professionals. Non-medical home care refers to assistance with activities of daily living.

Is the agency licensed by the state?

Yes Comfort at Home Care, LLC is licensed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to provide non-medical home care.

What services are included in home care

  1. Personal care – assistance with bathing, dressing, toileting, walking, and other daily activities.
  2. Homemaking – keeping the house safe and comfortable with light housekeeping and home cooked meals.
  3. Companionship – social interaction with the client either in the home or out in the community.

Where do you provide service?

 We can provide care in any setting in which you are living – for example, your own home, assisted care facility, long term care facility, retirement home, or hospital.

Are your caregivers insured and bonded?

Every caregiver is a Comfort at Home employee. To ensure the safety of our clients, we perform a criminal history background clearance and communicable disease screens. We cover each caregiver with general liability and workers’ compensation insurance.

How does Comfort at Home Care protect client rights?

Each client receives a Client Bill of Rights. In addition, client and caregiver rights and responsibilities are outlined in the Service Agreement (the contract between Comfort at Home Care and the client).

Can I choose which caregiver I will have?

Your satisfaction is paramount. We always try to accommodate your requests for caregivers or for a change in caregivers.

Will I always have the same caregiver?

Our goal is for you to have a long-term caregiving relationship.

How does the agency insure client confidentiality?

Comfort at Home Care maintains a HIPPA compliance manual and adheres to all aspects of HIPPA law. Staff receive annual HIPPA training.

What if I have questions or complaints?

You can call the Comfort at Home Care office at 484-674-7103 and speak with the director. If you have a complaint, you can also contact the following:

  1. Pennsylvania Department of Health Quality Assurance Complaint Hotline, 1-800-254-5164.
  2. Montgomery County Office of Aging and Adult Services, 610-278-3601.

Can your staff administer medications?

As a home care agency we are not permitted to administer medications; however, we can remind clients when it is time to take their medication.

Do I need a referral or order from my doctor to use your services?

No; you can choose and arrange for home care services on your own.

What are the costs for home care services?

Cost is based on the number of hours per week of care performed. When we meet to discuss your needs we will review rates with you, and the rates will be specified in the Service Agreement.

Are home care services covered by Medicare?

Medicare and other health insurances typically do not pay for hourly personal care.

Do I pay the caregiver directly?

Comfort at Home Care issues monthly itemized invoices. You never pay the caregivers directly.


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